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Providing you with a trained staff to efficiently and effectively turn out the office support that your business needs – this is a high priority of Ohain’s training programs. You can be assured that your investment in training will be returned many-fold with increased productivity.

Ohain can provide training one-on-one or for a group. It’s up to you. Ohain also offers marketing consultants and business consultants.

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MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher
Basic, intermediate, and advanced training.

How to tie the different packages together.

Includes shortcuts and tailoring the applications
to your own office style.




Some tasks are simple – like making a transparent background.  Others get more complex – like restoring old photos or removing the power lines from a picture of the office.

We can also show you how to create formal organization charts and flow charts.


Office training is provided by Ohain at a rate of $75/hour.
Local engagements include travel.
Engagements outside the Golden Triangle will be charged for the time traveling to/from.


First Line Leadership Training

A program designed to help supervisors develop themselves and others, increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development, build strategic relationships and, ultimately, take a more strategic approach to their work to meet plant and organizational expectations.

As a result, individual competence is enhanced, talented individuals are retained and overall production is maximized.

A version for plant management is also available so that everyone is “singing from the same hymnal.”


Leadership training is provided by Ohain on-site at your facilities or at an outside location.
Training is priced on a per-class basis.

Office Skills

MS Word




  • Train new staff on office applications
  • Find out how to improve efficiency.
  • Learn new office applications




  • Increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development.
  • Build strategic relationships and, ultimately,
  • Take a more strategic approach to their work.


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