Achieving a vision

At Ohain Business Planning & Marketing, we are dedicated to increasing the productivity at small and medium size businesses and non-profits.

Our services include BUSINESS PLANS, BRANDING, and MESSAGING, each of which will allow the management to focus on defined goals and to follow a strategy to achieve those goals.

The spectrum between Concept and Success can be summed up in just four words leading to success:

Vision, Strategy, Planning, and Implementation.

With this approach, almost any issue facing your organization can be successfully addressed. Ohain business consultants and marketing consultants can help you reach that success. [Click here for a visual representation.]

Ohain provides planning and marketing tools to management so that they can successfully manage their business.

These tools include technology and community involvement – tools especially important for local and regional success, but often overlooked.

Ohain can introduce product marketing and product management skills to better organize the efforts to serve your customers; and we can actually provide management of special projects as needed for our customers.

Ohain provides consulting support to clients at various levels of the organization. In addition to web design and web hosting, Ohain can also provide business consulting to senior management and the appropriate office training programs needed to ensure complete and successful implementation following the business plan preparation.



At Ohain, our goal is for our clients to be successful.


Consulting services are provided by Ohain at a rate of $75/hour.
Local engagements include travel.
Engagements outside the Golden Triangle will be charged for the time traveling to/from.

Marketing and Planning - Concept


Concept – It all starts with an idea.  But it takes people and a lot of hard work to turn an idea into a successful business.  It also takes good business planning.



Marketing and Planning - Vision

Vision – In order to get somewhere in business it helps to have a vision of where you want to go.


Marketing and Planning - Strategy

Strategy – Strategy develops the map to follow, so we can achieve our vision.


Marketing and Planning

Planning – gets us ready to make it happen…and to  anticipate contingencies that need to be covered.  Practice teaches us what we need to know to really play the game


Marketing and Planning - Implementing

Implementation– means putting those plans into play. It’s the real thing.


Marketing and Planning - Success

Success – The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Achieving the vision provides the rewards for both the business and the business owners



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